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Legally Blonde 2

Reese Witherspoon is back as the strange and seemingly clueless legal mind. The girl is far from clueless, and she proves it when she goes to Washington, D.C. to change a law in relation to animal testing.

We get a big surprise when we find one of the main support roles is a doorman named Sid (BOB NEWHART!!!!!), who really knows his stuff when it comes to Washington.

This film showed some fine points about stands taken, and the ability not to compromise your standards. It showed that you should be yourself, and that Senators should represent the PEOPLE! In a final speech, the Blonde Beauty tells it like it is, and gets a standing ovation from Congress.

The film is a fair film, but it does get into some controversial humor which could have been done without. It also does have some mild language, and a dance scene with some interns which was distasteful, though meant to be humorous.

Use your judgement, but I do suggest going to see it yourself before you take anyone else, especially younger viewers.


Moral Content: 6.7

Plot: 6.7

Surprises: 7 

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