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Some of you already knew this was coming! Las time I flogged it, and this week I got to see it!!

Those familiar with the original Incredible Hulk, be it comics or TV Series will get a bit of a surprise, or will they. Yep, once again the movie industry decides to change things around a bit.

For those of who you aren't green enough, let me explain the basic princple. Bruce Banner is a scientist who gets in a freak accident, and now if you make him angry, he turns into a HUGE beast and....well you get the picture. Now I'm not knocking the character. As a matter of fact, I love The Hulk character.

This time we see Bruce Banner given a father named David Banner. David experimented on himself, and what do you know, that experiment passed on when Bruce was born. The experiment went bad, and David was locked away.

Forward wind several years later when Bruce, now with a new adopted last name that starts with a K, works in experiments very close to what his father did.

We later see Bruce's accident and then the Hulk appears! He's huge, and a very good creation by the effects people! The fact that he's entirely computer animated actually does NOT take away from this movie.

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Moral Content: 5.5 (Yeah, I'm afraid it's low for a few key reasons, though not many. In one seen, the Hulk grows so large he busts out of the shorts! This doesn't matter, until Bruce turns back, and we see his entire back, though nothing more that I can tell. Also some mild language is used. And I do care, so I am mentioning that they take Jesus's name in vain. That to me was important enough to put in this article. I am fairly certain the film was rated PG-13 for violence, and that is well within acceptible boundaries.)

Plot: 6 (The plot is good towards the end, but at the beginning it was somewhat dull and a bit hard to follow.)

Surprises: 7.5 (With the new twist, Surprises are definitely there. Especially when we see the final showdown between Hulk and David Banner. That's right, Bruce fights his daddy. I'm not saying anything more...and there is a lot I could say.) 

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