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They Went That-a-Way and That-A-Way

This movie stars Tim Conway as one of a two member cop team which just can't seem to get things right. When their boss wants to get rid of them, they end up on a super secret assignment to retrieve some state payroll money!

When the only other person who knows what these two are doing ends up dead, our two would-be heros end up stuck in a prison work camp! What happens, I suggest you find out!


Moral Content: 8.5 (fairly decent. Some slightly revealing attire, but a lot better than many films out there. The film is rated PG.)

Plot: 8.9 (with so many twists and turns, you honestly wonder where they are going to baffle up next.)

Surprises: 9 (*Humor is intense in this thing, and you honestly can't tell where the movie ends up.)

In conclusion, though the movie's ending is a bit hurried, it still makes for a wonderful picture. I suggest it highly. It's a lot older than the usual ones I review, but that's okay. 

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