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"What a Girl Wants"

If I had to sum this movie up in one word, "wow" says it best.

Thankfully, as Editor of my own newsletter, I get to say more than just one word.

The movie stars Amanda Bynes as the Daughter of a British Lord, who has no idea that she even exists. As the plot unfolds, she goes to meet her father, and has the most amazing British adventure that an American Girl could have.

This movie is a BIT better than "The Princess Diaries" and is not a Disney movie, but a WB flick. So if you get a chance to see a movie (which by the way has VERY LITTLE (I would say if any, but there must have been a little language use in there..now adays.....right?)...... I repeat VERY VERY LITTLE bad language, which is uncommon in this day and time.

Here's another uncommon: This picture could be called a slightly romantic comedy, or "chick flick," but it's one that can actually be seen BY THE WHOLE FAMILY!!!!! So check it out!


Moral Content: 8.9

Plot: 9.5

Surprises: 9.0 (around every turn work for you?) 

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